1.  Avoid walking on icy patch, black ice, slippery surface.
  2. Wear well fitting shoes, with non-slip tread sole made of natural rubber, wide low
  3. Walk slow, be aware of your next move, keep your body as loose as possible, feet wide apart to increase balance, knees slight bent to stabilize body.
  4. Keep hands free to use it for balancing by spreading, if needed hands can be used for safe landing on the ground and prevent serious injury.
  5. Take small step, land whole foot, feet wide apart. If you like to shuffle feet, you may do so!
  6. If you are scared of fall, may consider using cane with retractable ice pick or a walker or walking sticks to have extra support forenhancing balance. Take expert advice from Physiotherapist to choose walkingaid!
  7. Believe it or not, body movements can increase your stability on an icy surface.
  8. Always plan your route and time required so that you have enough time to reach.
  9. Avoid shortcuts, rather prefer long walk with clear walkway.

Vinod Ravaliya, PT, MPT
Phone: 780-699-7788

Disclaimer: This is for information purpose only. It is true to the best of my knowledge however, there could be errors, omissions or mistakes. It shouldn’t be seen as an expert advice for your
individual needs, such a medical, legal or other types. You may rely on any info at your own risk or consult health professional before taking any sort of action.

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